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The Rafflesia arnoldii, found in the rainforests of Indonesia, is the world largest blooming flower. A single flower can open to be as big as three feet across, and weighing 12 pounds. That’s all the good that can be said about it.

The flower is actually a parasite, meaning it lives by attaching itself to another plant, and stealing it’s water and nutrients. When the time is right, it emits a foul smell of rotting flesh in order to attract insects and spread it’s pollen.

Now, there’s actually a bigger flower in the very same Indonesian forests but it loses the contest because, technically, it’s a cluster of small flowers. (but it sorta looks like one big one) The Titan arum is also known as the ‘corpse flower’ because it too has the charming characteristic of smelling like zombies.

So file both of them under “worst Valentine’s gift ever”. (unless it’s the rot that counts)