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Pie is a topic near and dear to my heart. In my eyes (tummy) pumpkin pie ranks right up there along with homemade saskatoon berry pie as being among the best. Turns out it takes a special pumpkin to be transformed into the delicious triangular treat.

About 90% of the pumpkin pies found in North America start out in Illinois where they grow Libby’s select Dickinson pumpkins. That’s a special breed that has been specifically developed for cooking. While it’s related to the typical round, orange, jack-o-lantern pumpkins we normally think of, the Dickinson is packed with a smoother, sweeter, tastier pulp… and more of it.

So pretty much all the world’s pumpkin pie stock comes from one spot. Fortunately Nestle (the company that now owns the Libby’s brand) hasn’t revealed any evil pie-opoly domination plans, but this autumn there was a pumpkin pie shortage threatening dinner tables. Last year’s pumpkin harvest was low due to a cold snap, so this year’s canned pumpkin was in short supply. Fortunately, things are looking good now and the crisis should pass by Christmas. To be on the safe side, I’m stock-piling pie… in my belly.

Bonus fact: The largest pumpkin on record was grown in Pennsylvania and weighed in at 1131 pounds. (but it wasn’t of the tasty Dickinson variety) Speaking of tasty… the largest pumpkin pie ever was baked in 2006 in Ohio, and tipped the scales at 2020 pounds.