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The golden rule: he who has the gold, makes the rules… which means we should prepare to bow down to our alien overlords with da’ bling. Gold does not naturally occur anywhere here on earth. It arrived here as the planet was formed from a cloud of space dust. The gold itself having been forged in the fires of mount doom, er… forged in the massive energy of a collapsing star. That sorta power just doesn’t happen in our neighbourhood.

The one-in-a-million gold atoms are shot out in every direction from the supernova, and just sorta meander around for a few eons. The gold we find here on earth, apparently, traveled a distance of about 3 million light years to get here, so for goodness sakes, don’t keep it cooped up in a little ol’ jewelerly box.

I suspect, if more people knew that their wedding ring came from oooooouuuuter spaaaaace, having traveled for a few eons to arrive and form around their pudgy little meat-finger, you’d think that might impart a greater sense of commitment, and lower divorce rates. Facts… they can save families, people.

Bonus Fact: Throughout human history, gold has never really gone out of circulation as it is a very easy metal to re-form and re-use. So that filling in your tooth may have once been a coin in the pocket of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh. Ew.